Since 4 years we host and produce concerts, happenings and performances once every month.
It is a hybrid project, halfway between an artistic proposal and a place where the mix of cultures and generations is tangible.


This project is organized in collaboration with Kulturfactory Music, our new
music label created in 2022.


Kulturfactory and the vesuvian area are the best location for incredible film projects and creative video experiences!

We support and produce films and video works.


HAPPENING UNDER VESUVIO/BURNING ART FESTIVAL is a project to be developed in the next three years.

The event will take place inside/outside and will reshape the performing art world by breaking boundaries and opening discussions about art, theater, music, actions concerning climate change, new generations, gender and identity.

Within our motto BURNING ART TROUGH ART we aim to discover new interdisciplinary creations as well as to explore different links between dance, music, theater,sound installations, films and architectural ideas.


Kulturscio’k has structured a professional education activity as a real factory of training and permanent production:

Kulturlabs International – Masterclasses or private sessions of coaching in different European cities organized with the best American and European coaches.

Kulturlabs In-Factory – Workshops or private sessions of coaching organized by the members of the group.

Kulturlabs In-Progress – dedicated to new forms .

Kulturlabs for social exchange – In the last three years, Kulturscio’k has managed a high professional formula of workshops held in prison and for refugees.
We collaborated with Vallette Prison in Turin, Croix rouge MC93 in Paris.

Kultur/kids – We held a lot of different workshops and shows  for kids focused on multidisciplinary mises en espace from outstanding books, ex. Harry Potter.